Why Is Everyone Talking About Denver Skin Care?

This Denver Skin Care we’re talking not just to look like you have healthy skin but actually to do something so that your skin becomes healthy well.

Denver Skin Care I think it’s the first and foremost as dermatologist one in five of us is gonna get skin cancer and we live in sunny San Diego so it’s so important yes some of this is for beauty but a lot of.

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it is also prevention too okay so what is it that you do because you have your place called part of skin yes I’m a board-certified dermatologist but also did fellowship training and cosmetic surgery.

Denver Skin Care

So i offer a broad Skin Essentials spectrum of dermatological services from general dermatology and skin checks and mole-checks and acne all the way to very advanced aesthetic techniques that are minimally invasive okay so let’s start with what’s behind you because.

Denver Skin Care We can’t I mean it’s obvious you brought in what is this machine this is the luminous m it’s a combined machine that has platforms where.

you can put multiple lasers and light sources so most of the time I combine two different light or laser sources.

In IPL which is intense Juvederm Denver pulse light, it removes brown and red discoloration but we’re going to show resurface which is usually what Idahoan its sort of similar to Frankel but sort of improved upon technology an infrared laser that gets down into.

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Denver Skin Care the collagen layer stimulates new collagen growth helps the poor sighs fine lines wrinkles helps it text I mean.

you are basically literally rejuvenating helping to rejuvenate someone’s skin, yeah okay so obviously you someone will come to you you’ll do like a consultation and say Denver Skin Care.

Hey, I think this Denver Skin Care is this is the-route we go absolutely okay so can you show us how does work on Stacy so this is again.

The Denver Skin Care resurface Stacy’s had a little bit of topical numbing on but this laser goes really fast it only-takes about maybe minutes to do the whole face after.