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Need a license the other forty you don’t so I’m not sure with the states but check with your state to verify so you don’t get yourself in trouble.

The Roofing Company third thing is you’re going to need to get some tool sand equipment now tools and equipment require some staging ladders some OSHA compliant fall protection you know you want to hit where.

A Roofing Company harness on the roof and find out grab an OSHA book if you haven’t taken an OSHA class I strongly recommend you go and you look I mean some of your suppliers.

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They may biannually they’ll have an OSHA requirement class but I know the worker’s comp they’ll they’ll know where to point you in the right roofing lincoln ne direction because.

Roofing Company you’re going to have to have Safety’s meetings with your guys you know anything that goes wrong you know if somebody gets hurt they’ve got to beadle to go to the right doctor now the tools and equipment another good-sized investment your truck that’s.

a debt to carry the ladders and tools and stage you’re going to need a van or a truck Like a van because you can put everything inside the van at night locked up and it’s done right you can put ladders on the top you can put your compressor and tools.

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And equipment tarp roofing company sand rakes and everything inside the van and it’s secure so the van is probably if you’re looking for an all-in-one type vehicle you can have a dump trailer on.

The back of your van it’s a great way toot have an all-in-one tool now the tool sand equipment van you could be looking you know another grand by the time you get set up with low-end high-end van brand new van you look in thirty forty thousand so you can be looking you know somewhere in the thirty range but just getting Roofing Company .

Roofing Company started you can start small you can buy a used van you can buy used equipment ladders and picks and in brackets and stuff maybe the brackets the roofing brackets you might want to buy new.

Butt nail guns compress oh you’re going to need some shingle rippers couple tool bags hammer shook blades Roofing Company razor knives your basic hand tools another few grand you know by the time you get in nail guns there.